The 17 Best Collecting Games for Android

Collecting is one of the oldest hobbies in the world and has been on the rise since mobile games began to take over mobile phones. Allowing gamers to start playing for free and choosing to use real money to improve their performance or get more characters for their game, it's not hard to see games of the genre in digital stores. This is widely exploited by industries that have famous intellectual properties, such as Nintendo itself with the resounding success of Pokémon GO. So check out our list of the 17 best collecting games for Android below and choose yours!

1. Pokémon GO

It is impossible not to start our list of best collecting games for Android with the success of the moment. Pokémon GO is Nintendo's pocket monster game with Niantic. The game takes advantage of augmented reality technology to allow users to capture Pokémon more realistically than the main series. The game is in its first week of release in Brazil, but is expected to include new elements in the near future, such as exchanges and the possibility of battling with other players outside the gym.

2. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Another recent release, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius It's more of a gamble by Square Enix RPG giant in the West. It has an original plot, with strong inspiration in the classics but without all the seriousness. Quite the contrary, on several occasions its protagonists make fun of their own clichés. The collectible part will evoke the nostalgia of many fans, who may summon heroes and villains from the classic series, such as thief Locke, samurai Cyan and villain Golbez, among many others.

3. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Probably the best-known cartoon in the world - even more than the Pokémon themselves - Akira Toriyama's anime warriors are also featured in their own mobile game, appearing on our list of collectible games for Android. Featuring characters from every sagas in the drawing, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle brings a different battle system than we are used to.

In each match, you must choose a row of spheres, which make the attacks of the combatants more powerful. It has weekly events and is always releasing new and increasingly powerful characters, making it one of the best collecting games for Android.

4. Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

The world's most famous digital trading card game, Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft. could not miss this list. Inspired by the World of Warcraft MMORPG, the title features iconic characters from this franchise in 1 × 1 player duels. In addition to his letters, the title has a great competitive scenario in Brazil and his tournaments are even broadcast on closed TV channels in the country.

5. Marvel Future Fight

Marvel superheroes have a strong presence on smartphones and tablets, with a variety of collectible Android games. Best in this regard is Marvel Future Fight, the action RPG of heroes. What makes it superior to the company's other good games is the pace at which it achieves heroes and their diversity, featuring one of the biggest cast, ranging from characters known to the general public as Iron Man to the most unknown. and exclusive to comics, like Silk.

6. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

In the same series as Brave Exvius, Final Fantasy Record Keeper is an even bigger nostalgic trip, although technically inferior to the title mentioned earlier. Another striking difference is in its script, which is limited to just travel through the historical moments of other franchise games, such as the classic Final Fantasy VI and VII, among others. Moreover, it also has the same classic heroes, but it has more options, since it is older than Brave Exvius.

7. Digimon Heroes!

Pokémon rivals are also on smartphones, but with a more timid presence than pocket monsters. Like the other games on our list of the best collecting games for Android, Digimon Heroes! It has a good variety of digital monsters, with a distribution that is also generous. With a battle system also based on cards divided by color and number, clashes are won by taking advantage of the best possible card combinations with what's available in your hand.

8. Dragon Mania: The Legend

Following the wave of collectible monsters, Dragon Mania: The Legend focuses on the largest reptiles in the fantasy worlds: the dragons. Divided into types and elements, the game brings a larger footprint in the creation and development of the little dragons until they become powerful combatants. It has a 3 × 3 battle system and currently has about 200 species to be collected and bred for battle. One of the best collectible games for Android that was not created from a known franchise. Check out the review!

9. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Nintendo's first game of pocket monsters brought collectible elements to a similar mechanic to the successful Candy Crush. A valid experience when you're not out on the streets hunting for Pokémon GO, Pokémon Shuffle can usually be played on your couch. Each stage is represented by one of the little monsters, which can be captured at the end of the stage. Elements such as your stage score and the type of pokeball you are using directly influence your chance of success.

10. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Disney bets heavily on its top brands through smartphone games. In addition to Marvel, a slew of Star Wars galaxy-based games are also being released in Google and Apple digital stores. One of the coolest is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which focuses on building teams for different types of battles, both against the game and other people in PvP (Player vs. Player) modes. With characters from all ages portrayed in cartoons and movies, you can create unusual combinations like Luke Skywalker and Count Dookan on the same team, among many other options.

11. One Piece Treasure Cruise

The most popular cartoon in Japan, but with a huge fan base in the West and Brazil, the Straw Hat and One Piece series pirates also have their own title. In One Piece Treasure Cruise, you can build your own crew and have your own ship to explore the dangerous Grand Line.

The player will go through the history of the cartoon from the beginning, reviewing the sagas and the story of Monkey D. Luffy, the Straw Hat pirate. Its combat system is unique, being based on touches given at the right time for attack and defense.

12. Clash Royale

The first game dedicated to mobile devices to gain presence in the competitive landscape, becoming a sport (electronic sport). Clash Royale is inspired by the charismatic characters of Clash of Clans, but with a different formula. You collect cards from characters and game items, creating a deck of them. In disputes, you will use this same deck to summon the creatures in an attempt to destroy the opposing towers while protecting yours. Each win gives a chest that can count new cards or virtual coins, among others.

13. Mortal Kombat X

One of the most traditional fighting franchises in video games, the mobile version of the hit Mortal Kombat X sets aside the franchise's history and puts the player to collect various versions of his favorite fighters. A lot of the versions shown in this game are not available in PC and video games version. However, the game remains fighting, but with more simplified controls. Not being as complex as the original edition does not detract from the game, which retains its iconic (and bloody!) Fatalities .

14. Injustice: Gods Among Us

It's not just Marvel that brings its heroes to the tablet and smartphone screens. Injustice: Gods Among Us dictated the formula that would be used by Mortal Kombat X in the future. But instead of ice-dominating ninjas and thunder gods, the title brings Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and many other superheroes to fall for.

Even released in mid-2013, the game again received several updates due to Batman movies. Superman, Suicide Squad and the announcement of Injustice: Gods Among Us 2 for consoles and PC. If you have already played this game, it is a good time to return!

15. WWE Supercard

The American wrestling league is represented in two games in digital stores. The first, WWE Immortals, is a fighting game that gives fighters superpowers. WWE Supercard has a more collectible footprint and can't be left out of our list of best Android collectible games. With cards, you participate in ring fights, where a trait is drawn and the winner is determined by it alone, similar to the classic Super Trump.

16. EA Sports UFC

For those who want more realistic fights than seen in the previous card game. EA Sports UFC brings top MMA names to the ring. Ronda Rousey, José Aldo and Rodrigo Minotauro are just some of the stars you can bring to your own gym to face the octagon. You can also customize each other's movements and participate in events based on real martial arts league fights.

17. Summoners' War: Sky Arena

With a mix of Pokémon and Dragon Mania already mentioned above, Summoners' War: Sky Arena brings various types of monsters to create, care for, train and fight. Also divided by types, this time the creatures are not just limited to dragons. With a multitude of combat modes and adventures, you can expand your breeding ground as your monsters evolve and overcome challenges. Although released a few years ago, it remains one of the best collecting games for Android.

Which of these games is your favorite? Do you have any recommendations off this list? How many of these collectible games for Android have you tested? Comment with us here on AppTuts!

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