23 Funny Phrases to Say to Siri on iPhone and iPad (2019)

Siri is one of the best-known virtual assistants in the world, but its uses go far beyond finding apps, suggesting restaurants or talking about the weather. The artificial intelligence of the iPhone and iPad can also be pretty funny depending on what you say or ask her. To find out which phrases will cause Siri's funniest answers, just check out our tips below!

1. Sadness

If you speak phrases like “I'm sad” or “I'm very sad, ” the virtual assistant can answer as follows:

At least she's understanding, isn't she ?!

2. Marriage

A lot of people decide to propose to Siri and that is what she has to say about it:

Maybe you should ask Cortana that question yourself.

3. Laughter

If you want, you can just laugh at Siri. She will be in a good mood and answer the following:

4. Boredom

If you are bored and decide to say this to the assistant, she will give a very sensible answer:

In this case, the best thing is simply to follow the assistant's advice.

5. Joke

You can ask Siri to tell you jokes all the time and chances are she will always tell you a different one.

Just don't expect these to be the best jokes in the world.

6. History

If you prefer, you can also ask her to tell you a story. In this case she is also humorous.

7. Clothing

You may ask what Siri is wearing, but she won't be so happy about it.

8. Life

Try asking “what's the point of life?” For Siri. It may turn out to be pretty philosophical or just find it odd that you ask that to a smartphone.

9. Microsoft

It's also interesting to say that you like Microsoft, as this can make Siri a bit sarcastic.

10. Google

If you prefer, tell the assistant that you like Google. Maybe Siri doesn't have so much trouble with that.

11. Drink

If you say that you have drunk too much or are drunk, our dear assistant will recommend that you take a taxi and not blow it like a breathalyzer.

12. Love

If you want to ask about love, the virtual assistant may be a little confused or smart.

15. Cortana

How about pretending to confuse her with Cortana, the virtual assistant for Windows ?! She definitely won't like it very much.

13. Smartphone

A good question is to ask Siri which is the best smartphone or tablet in the world. The problem is, he won't even bother to respond.

14. Computer

Likewise, you can ask her about the best computer in the world. Looks like she likes Apple a lot.

16. Facebook

You can still ask if she uses Facebook. Unfortunately, she always ends up saying she doesn't have a good profile picture.

17. Relationship

If you're curious about Apple's assistant relationships, she'll find it amusing that everyone asks her, but won't reveal anything.

18. Sleep

If you are sleepy or tired and mention this to the assistant, she will recommend that you leave your smartphone or tablet aside and go to sleep. Don't worry, she'll wait for you to come back.

19. What does Siri mean?

IPhone's virtual assistant likes to be mysterious. So whenever you ask what Siri means, she'll give you answers like "a riddle-filled riddle tied with a beautiful obfuscation loop" or that there are many meanings to her name that she can no longer talk about.

Nothing more disturbing than a mysterious robot.

20. Speaking of robots…

Siri is not a fan of being called a robot. If you ask her if she is a robot, she will say things like "virtual assistants have feelings too!".

For those who are tech fans, an alternative answer from her is quite interesting: she boasts of getting a B + on the Turing test. The test is performed on artificial intelligence machines to determine the ability of this machine to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to that of a human being.

21. Smart or scary?

If you want Siri to leave you a little more with the flea behind your ear - or laugh at the references Apple developers put in their virtual assistant - try asking if she's smart.

In one possible answer, she says that in "school" she had difficulty with metaphysics. To get away with the tests, she poked at the soul of the boy sitting next to her.

22. Do you follow the three laws of Asimov?

One of the greatest science fiction writers of the last century is Isaac Asimov. Some of his books have received film adaptations, the most famous being Me, Robot, with Will Smith.

In it we are introduced to the three laws of robotics created by Asimov - which even guides area scientists in the real world! -, that are:

Did you like the tips about Siri?

Could you use our list to say some funny things to Siri? Do not forget to leave your comment and also know some applications to use animoji on iPhone X!

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