3 best apps for blurring videos on iPhone

Videos are the main form of content consumption on the internet. Whether on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, the reach of your posts is considerably larger in this format. However, when shooting your videos, you may need to focus on some element and blur the rest of the image is a good solution. However, if you don't have a computer available right now, you can make changes right from your phone using these 3 apps to blur videos on iPhone!

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1. Mosaic and Blur Video

An application dedicated to creating mosaic and blurring your videos, Mosaic and Blur Video has a simple mode and another called timeline. The simple mode is for those who want to apply a blur effect that will last the entire video, while the timeline lets you choose when the blur will be used. Click on the link to know the application.

2. Video Toolbox

A free app, Video Toolbox is a full-featured video editor for iPhone. It allows various blur effects, either through familiar fog or pixelating the images, ie lowering the resolution of the small squares that make up the image.

Other features include the ability to cut a video into several parts and a package of subtitles and filters that can be applied. Visit the link to download Video Toolbox from the App Store.

3. Blur Video Spot

Blur Video Spot is one of the apps for blurring videos on iPhone with free and paid option. In free mode, it lets you apply blur to an object and track it. That is, the blur is not at a fixed point of the video, but following the movements of the blurred object.

The Pro version removes the watermark applied to videos and lets you import files longer than 10 seconds. Click the link to learn more about Blur Video Spot.

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Which of these 3 iPhone video blur apps is best?

Despite not having many options, apps can break the branch when applying blur when away from the PC. Have you used any of these apps? Would you like to recommend any other? Comment with us and list your favorite apps!

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