6 best kids literacy games on Android and iPhone

Getting kids off the smartphone screen is no easy task! But if we tell you that not everything she does on her cell phone is useless? Both Android and iPhone have games to literate very competent children.

The best: all obviously in Portuguese. After all, an English app will not be of much help to little ones who are still crawling in our native language. But if you are looking for English apps, no problem. Just check out this article with our platform tips for learning languages!

Returning to games for literacy for children, the options we will give in the next paragraphs are for young children, complementing what they learn in school. Better than spending hours on apps like these farm games.

Each app has its own games and playful way to make little ones assimilate the learning of our alphabet. Without further ado, check it out below - and in alphabetical order! - the 6 best games for kids to read on Android or iPhone!

1. ABC of the Bita

Think of Bita's ABC as an interactive alphabet. What does that mean?

That the child will fix the letters of the alphabet interacting with the words! Remember the Xuxa alphabet? Think of Bita's ABC as a modern version of it, showing the letter, word, and an illustration of the object.

Each letter has a kind of joke. In monkey M, for example, the little one may wag the tail of the animal. To learn more, download Bita's ABC on your Android or iPhone!

2. LeLe Syllables

A little more advanced than Bita's ABC, in LeLe Syllables children begin to understand the sound of syllables and what words they can form. This is the challenge of the app, simple and very functional for the kids.

LeLe Syllables reproduces the sound of syllables and encourages children to assemble words with them. Its phase scheme scores according to the little one's successes, helping with learning. LeLe Syllables can be played on Android or iOS!

3. Read and Count

In addition to letters and the alphabet, Reading and Counting is one of the games for literacy children who are also taking their first steps in math.

In reading exercises, the child will learn to identify and learn letters and syllables through questions. For example, she may show an incomplete word and show her syllable options so she can choose the right ones.

In the area of ​​math, games to identify the first numerals - from 0 to 9 - and add and subtract exercises are also part of the package.

But reading and counting is not limited to this. In addition to the games mentioned so far, the app can also teach sign language, geometric shapes and even animals.

Read and Tell can be downloaded from the Google Play on Android and the iPhone App Store.

4. LyricsKid

Worried if your little one will have an ugly handwriting in the future? LetraKid is an app designed to help you write with more beautiful spelling.

This game features games involving the writing of letters in different formats - lowercase, uppercase, cursive writing, among others - and also teaches how to write numbers. LetraKid has different difficulty levels, ideal for adjusting it to the child's current skill level.

Download LetraKid on Android or iPhone.

5. PalmaKids

Made for toddlers, PalmaKids is a game that puts them on adventures through space, ice and different adventure scenarios. However, the main goal of the game is to teach them the alphabet.

One of the advantages is that PalmaKids is one of the games for literacy of children in Portuguese, but also allows them to learn English. The game shows them the goals they must achieve and what they need to learn and do to reach the next level.

In this way, teaching becomes playful and does not look like a study table. Download PalmaKid for phones or tablets with Android or iPhone and iPad.

6. Syllable

Closing our list of games to literate children on mobile or tablet, we have Silabando. Serving as a school supplement, the app brings several types of syllables for the child to know.

This way, she is already fixing what she has learned in the classroom. The app brings games to help both writing, memorization and sound.

Some games ask the child to complete a word with the learned syllable, while others challenge them to point out the number of syllables a word has, among others.

Silabando is available for Android and iPhone smartphones.

Games to literate children: have you used any?

Have you ever used games to literate children while having fun, making them study without realizing it? Which of these is the best?

Comment with us and discover the best diary apps for Android and iPhone!

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