Best 12 iPhone 7 Plus Covers

The new models of iPhone 7 finally arrived in Brazil, a few months after its release. With the new dimensions comes the need for new covers, whether to better protect the device or give it a style of its own - or both. Several models of covers for the powerful Apple device are already available in Brazil, both in Brazilian stores and available for import. If you're looking for a way to protect your new smartphone, check out the top 12 iPhone 7 Plus cases.

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1. Standard TPU Case for iPhone 7 Plus

An inexpensive standard cover case for the iPhone 7 Plus. TPU is a soft silicone material that is impact and scratch resistant, while not attracting debris such as loose clothing strands, for example. A good option for those not willing to spend a lot on a cell phone case. The cover is available at retail chains in the range of $ 20.

2. Custom TPU Case for iPhone 7 Plus

If the standard covers are not enough for you, you can also purchase covers made of the same material, but with different prints printed on the case. Moreover, there are no differences from the standard cover, only the additional value due to the art used to customize the cover. This type of case is usually sold in specialty stores with values ​​between $ 50 and $ 70.

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3. Official Apple Silicone Cases

If you're looking for official material, Apple also makes its own iPhone 7 Plus cases and its other models. These cases are made of silicone with an inner layer of microfiber to protect the device. The case adapts to the buttons on your smartphone without increasing its volume and you can choose which color you want for the case. However, the price of the cover is considerably higher than the previous items, being in the range of $ 279.00. The cover can be purchased directly from the Apple website.

4. Tech21 Evo Gem Case

A cover solution that protects while it can be customized any way you want. Its protective material has impact sensors that predict impact and redistribute it throughout the material, greatly reducing the risk of damage to the phone. At the same time, it mitigates the damage caused to the area that hit the ground directly in the event of a fall, for example. Tech21 Evo GEM can be found in foreign stores for around $ 40.

5. Official Leather Case

In addition to the silicone case mentioned earlier, Apple also offers leather cases in its official store. As with the silicone case, the interior has microfiber for protection of the interior. Externally, the case also protects similarly to the silicone case, as it does not increase its volume. One of the aesthetic attractions of the cover is the aging tone caused by leather wear. The cover sells for $ 379.00.

6. Lifeproof iPhone 7 Plus Cases

Despite its great water resistance, that doesn't mean you should go swimming around with your phone in your pocket. But if that's the goal, you can be prepared with Lifeproof cases, made especially to protect the devices from the harmful effects of water. Unprotected, the iPhone 7 withstands up to 30 minutes submerged in up to one meter of water. With Lifeproof models, you can keep your iPhone 7 Plus submerged for up to two meters for up to an hour, as well as protect against falls from the same height. The covers range from $ 90 - $ 100 on the producer's website.

7. Peel

Peel iPhone 7 Plus cases are designed for people who want to protect their cell phone but don't want to change the look of the original. To meet this requirement, Peel covers are fully transparent and one of the thinnest on our list, making them almost imperceptible with their 0.35mm thickness. Among international brands, they are also one of the cheapest, costing around $ 25 on the official website.

8. Seine Lugano Wallet Case

One of the dual-function iPhone 7 Plus cases, the Sena Lugano Wallet Case is both protective and wallet simultaneously. The cover is made of leather and protects against falls and other impacts. The back of the cover can be opened with space to insert up to three cards. The wallet cover is sold on the Seine website and costs $ 60, with the possibility of engraving your initials with an additional eight dollars.

9. Combo cover + Olloclip lens

The Olloclip brand has created a cover option which may also include a lens made especially for the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera. The lens fits the cover perfectly and does not need to be removed to use the company's varied lens offering distinct functionality - such as greater zoom capacity and larger shooting range -. The case costs $ 30 and the lenses are offered in a variety of sizes, which you can check out on the Olloclip website.

10. Nodus Access Case 2

One of the most useful iPhone 7 Plus cases on this list. While Lugano Wallet mixed the cover and mini wallet functions, Nodus Access Case 2 has both functions and a little more. Unlike Lugano, it has a space in the back of which you can put some change and cards. The case comes with a magnetic microdock that you can use to attach your phone to any surface, such as car walls or dashboards, for example. Nodus sells the cover on its site for about $ 70.

11. Supported Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

The Ultra Hybrid S is a transparent case for iPhone 7 Plus, allowing you to keep the look of its original design, similar to Peel, but without its extreme thinness. The differential of this case is in the back-mounted stand, which can be lifted to support the phone on a surface, useful for video calling. It is also one of the most economical of foreign brands, selling for about $ 15 on international ecommerce.

12. Fuze (not yet released)

One of the most promising releases among iPhone 7 Plus cases. The Fuze was developed from a crowdfunding campaign with the proposal to create a cover that meets the controversy removing the 3.5mm headphone port. That is, in addition to the protect function, you will be able to attach your phone to the cover to listen calls and music without the need for adapter. Check out the video of the campaign - which reached around $ 150, 000 in donations, exceeding its fundraising goal by 276% - below:

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What iPhone 7 Plus cases are you planning to buy?

Are you in need of protection on your new phone but would like additional protection or even functions like the stand or headphone jack? Or would you rather keep your iPhone 7 Plus without any cover? Comment on your favorite cover designs and remember to share this article on your social networks!

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