Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S: Which one should you buy?

Buying a new smartphone is always brings many questions to consumers, especially when deciding which brand or model is really best for their everyday use. Among the many options available, many people are always trying to decide between the latest from Samsung and Apple, which are currently the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S (buy it through this link!).

Choosing can be really difficult, but our detailed comparison of the most important aspects of the two smartphones should really make your search and final decision easier. Check out!

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1. Design

When it comes to design, the Galaxy S6 and Iphone 6S are not nearly as different as you might expect from almost every smartphone today. In the case of the Galaxy S6, the front remains very similar to what we have seen on Samsung devices for some time, but at least the rear has received great improvements. Instead of a piece of plastic that made its smartphones slicker and cheaper looking, Samsung opted for a beautiful glass panel.

The iPhone 6S is exactly the same as its predecessor, the iPhone 6, which is very similar to the Galaxy S6 in fact. With a thinner body made of tough aluminum, it turns out to be tougher and less slippery than the previous model.

2. Display

In the display, the two handsets also do very well. The iPhone 6S features a 4.7-inch retina display with a resolution of 1, 334 x 740 pixels and 326 PPI (the pixel count per inch). In addition, the screen features 3D Touch technology, which takes your touch pressure into account for more options and settings. Another plus point is that Apple claims to have used a new type of glass in the iPhone 6S, which would be the toughest and strongest ever used in a smartphone.

The Galaxy S6 (which you can purchase through this link) offers a larger 5.1-inch display with a resolution of 2, 560 x 1440 pixels, which features no less than 577 PPI. This means that as much as the iPhone 6S has a pretty screen, there's no way to beat Samsung's smartphone in terms of resolution and size.

3. Processor

In terms of processing power, the iPhone 6S features a powerful new 1.85GHz A9 chip and 2 GB RAM. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S6 comes with the Exynos 7 Octa 7420 chip, a very powerful octa-core processor and 3 GB of RAM.

Despite having only one dual-core processor, the iPhone 6S still achieves better results than the Galaxy S6 in several power and speed tests. If you are looking for power and speed in your daily tasks, the Apple smartphone is undoubtedly the best option between the two.

4. Camera

IPhones' cameras have always had a good quality overall, but until now it seemed that Apple would never go out of its usual settings to really compete with what its competitors offered. Fortunately, we have a very competent 12 megapixel rear camera on the iPhone 6S, capable of recording 4K videos and taking popular animated photos with the Live Photos feature.

Already the Galaxy S6 comes a little ahead in this respect and offers 16 megapixels in the rear camera, which can also record videos in 4K, even having been released before the iPhone 6S. In addition, the camera sensor of the Galaxy S6 has a larger aperture than the iPhone, which is a great advantage for shooting in dim lighting.

For those who like selfies, there's not so much difference between the two, which offer the same 5 megapixels on the front camera. Still, if the overall quality of videos and photos weighs heavily in your choice, we recommend the Galaxy S6 for sure.

5. Battery

The above topics are very important, but it does not help to have a smartphone with great settings if your battery can not stand a day of use. Technically, the Galaxy S6 offers a 2, 550 mAh battery and the iPhone 6S has a 1, 715 mAh battery.

In theory, the Galaxy S6 should offer a much longer battery life than the iPhone, but it seems that its users do not agree that much. Many people complain that Samsung's smartphone can't handle as many hours as it should, while the iPhone 6S seems to carry a more consistent charge throughout the day.

It is possible that with the arrival of Android Marshmallow, this will change slightly, as the new version of the system has a feature that reduces battery usage by up to 50%. Still, stick with the iPhone 6S if you want to be sure of a reliable battery.

6. Price

The price issue turns out to be one of the most decisive aspects when buying a smartphone and unfortunately we can't quite defend the iPhone 6S in this. We know that Apple likes to offer expensive products even without offering more than its competitors, but the price ranging from $ 3, 500 to up to $ 4, 500 (depending on storage capacity) in Brazil, is quite absurd.

Already the Galaxy S6 can be found for a price ranging between $ 2, 200 and $ 3, 100 here in Brazil, and is really quite cheap in the rest of the world. Although it is a little more powerful and has a better battery than the Samsung device, the difference of more than a thousand reais of the iPhone 6S is not justified, even because it has aspects inferior to the S6. If value for money is important to you, there is no doubt that the Galaxy S6 is the best choice.

Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S: which one is better?

So, did our comparison help you choose between the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S? Overall, you can see that Samsung's smartphone is best for those who want a really beautiful and detailed display, who likes to take quality pictures and videos and who prefers to bet on a great value for money device.

The iPhone 6S can be a good bet for those who prefer a powerful device with good battery life, although its price is more than exorbitant in Brazil. Don't forget to leave your comment telling us which one you prefer!

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