How to download and install Fallout Shelter for free on PC

Fallout Shelter's mobile version, released last year, was a big hit with fans of the famous post-apocalyptic franchise, becoming one of the most successful Android and iPhone games. To further increase its audience, the game has recently gained an improved version for PCs. The best part is that, in addition to new features, the game can be installed and played absolutely for free. To know how to download the game on your PC, just check out our tips below!

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Downloading Fallout Shelter

First of all, you will need to go to the official website of Bethesda, the developer of all Fallout franchise games today. Just click on this link.

You will then need to create an account on the site or sign in with your login if you already have one. If you create the account, the process is very simple and just provide an email, create a password, username and give some basic data, such as your date of birth.

Click on the symbol marked in the image below and select the option “Download the Bethesda Launcher” to start downloading the program needed to download and install Fallout Shelter.

Install Bethesda Launcher on your PC and open it right away. You will need to login to the account we created just now.

With that done, go to the bar on the left of the launcher and click on the Fallout Shelter icon as shown in the image below.

You will see an illustrative image of the game with some information and the "Install" button at the bottom right of the screen. Click this button to proceed.

In the next screen, read the game usage agreement and click “Accept” if you agree with the proposed terms.

Soon after, Fallout Shelter will start to download and install automatically, which should not take long, which may take a little while depending on the speed of your internet.

You can now play the game via the shortcut on your desktop or Bethesda Launcher itself, which must remain installed on your system for the game to work properly and receive updates in the future.

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