How to download Beyond Good & Evil game for free on PC

During 2016, Ubisoft decided to give their fans a real gift by making several of their classic games available for free. Each month, the company reveals a different surprise that can be purchased for a limited time. In October, the acclaimed was the acclaimed “Beyond Good & Evil”, originally released in 2003. To learn how to download the game at no cost, you can check our tips below!

Downloading Beyond Good & Evil for Free

As we mentioned earlier, the game was released in 2003 and can run smoothly on any type of computer today. To get started, simply access the official Ubisoft website via this link.

There you'll see some extra details about the company's 30th anniversary celebration and an announcement about the game of the month, "Beyond Good & Evil." Click on “Get the free PC game now” to proceed.

You will then be taken to a screen where Ubisoft will explain more about how this promotion works and that you will always have the game available in your library, along with other technical information. Click on "Get the game now."

You will now need to log in with your Uplay account (a Steam-like Ubisoft service). If you do not have an account, you can create one quickly by clicking on “Create a Uplay account”.

With that done, the game will be yours at no cost. You only need to click “Run Uplay for PC” if you already have the Uplay app on your computer or “Download Uplay for PC” if you don't already have it.

With Uplay properly installed, just open it to enjoy your new game anytime. Just remember to perform the method described above before the end of November, when another free game will be added instead.

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