How to set up Facebook Messenger “Do Not Disturb”

As with any chat app, sometimes message notifications can get in the way of us at work or during study, for example. At least, most of these apps offer some custom options to stop notifications for a certain period of time, such as Facebook Messenger “Do Not Disturb” mode. To learn how to set this mode on the Android app and iPhone, just check out our tutorial tips below:

Do not disturb on Android

To get started, open the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone or tablet, either on an Android device or iPhone.

You will have some symbols that represent your most recent conversations, your groups, your personal settings, etc. You will need to click on the symbol that looks like a person to proceed, as highlighted below:

Among the new options available, click on “Notifications and Sounds” to continue.

Then click the first button on the screen, titled "Notifications and Sounds."

You will see a small options window appear, where you can choose the length of time notifications will be suspended. Choose what you prefer and click "Ok."

Now your notifications will all be muted until the time period you selected is over or until you return to the menu and manually activate them.

This can be done simply by clicking on "Notifications and Sounds" again.

Do not disturb on iOS

Open the app on your iPhone and iPad and click on the symbol that looks like a person and is titled “I” as highlighted below:

Then simply click on “Notifications” to proceed.

You will now see the “Do Not Disturb” button at the top of the screen and you will need to click it to continue.

A small options window will appear with the time periods you can stop app notifications. Just click on what you prefer.

Ready! Messenger notifications will not be displayed nor will they make any sound until the selected time runs out. If you want to enable notifications ahead of time, just go back to the menu and click "Do not disturb" again.

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