How to upload your Instagram photos on Apple TV

While Apple TV is receiving a lot of apps and getting better, social networks like Instagram have not yet created a way for them to be accessed through the device. The reason for this can be quite obvious, as the device is commonly used to watch TV shows, series or movies. However, there is a way to view your Instagram photos through the device with an app called Tangent. Check out how to use it to browse your Instagram on Apple TV!

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Installing Tangent

Tangent is available on the App Store and can be downloaded directly from Apple TV. When you first open the app, you must visit the link on your computer or iPhone to allow the app access to Instagram. After logging in, enter the code that will be shown on television to complete this part of the process.

Accessing Tangent on Apple TV

After completing the plugin following the steps above, you are taken directly to your Instagram profile. There are no limits to navigating your photos and videos, so as you scroll down, older media will load and display. By selecting one of them, the image or video occupies the left side of the screen, with the description, likes, and comments on the right, as it is currently done on Instagram for browsers.

You can switch accounts by clicking the Settings button and selecting the Switch Account option to switch accounts or add a new one by repeating the previously mentioned processes. However, Tangent has a number of limitations that we will explain in the following paragraphs.

Tangent Limitations

While allowing access to Instagram, Tangent is limited to viewing your profile only. That is, you cannot browse your feed or check out photos of someone who follows you on the social network. It is also not possible to like or comment on photos, requiring the use of the app on iPhone or computer. The only way to access a profile other than yours is by trying to tap their names if they like or comment on your photo.

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