How to use the new dark YouTube theme

YouTube recently underwent a redesign of its layout to make it easier for anyone to use. This change has also been marked by the addition of a darker theme to the site, which makes navigating very enjoyable for those with sensitive eyes or those who use it at night. As the feature is still being implemented, not everyone knows the news, but you can learn how to use it with our tips below!

Turning on the dark YouTube theme

As we mentioned earlier, this is a new feature and does not appear directly on the normal version of YouTube. To start using it, you should go to a specific page talking about the service. Just click here for this.

On this site you will see a brief explanation of the changes made to the site layout and learn more about the new features implemented. To start using the new look, just click "Go to YouTube."

Obviously, you will be redirected to the site, which will already have the new look and functions. To proceed, click on your profile picture on the right side of the screen.

This will display some basic options, including the dark theme, which is where you should click.

YouTube will show a small window explaining what this feature is, so just click on “Enable dark theme” to continue.

This will make your YouTube background black instead of white, which certainly makes it much more interesting.

Of course you can revert this at any time by going back to the previous menu and clicking the button to disable the dark theme. It is also worth mentioning that these changes apply only to the browser in which you do this process, so you will need to do it all again if you switch browsers in the future.

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