Netflix for Android: How to Fix Excessive Downloads Error

One of the most celebrated news from Netflix for Android, iPhone and iPad was the ability to download series and movies from its catalog for offline viewing. That is, it would now be possible to watch your schedule even if you were in places with unstable internet such as subways or buses, without exceeding the data franchise. But these downloads are limited and an error message may appear if you have spread the content across too many devices. The solution is simple: just delete all programs from one device to free up space. Follow our tutorial and follow the steps to learn how to do this!

How many series and movies have you downloaded on Netflix for Android?

In addition to being careful not to overload the storage capacity of your smartphone or tablet, spreading content across devices turns out not to be the best decision if you're not a subscriber to the most expensive plan. What programs do you watch on your Netflix after you can download them on Android and iPhone? Did the tutorial help free up space for download on another device or prefer to upgrade your subscription? Comment below!

Source: Android Central

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