New to iPhone? So check out these 20 essential tips

It was a long time on Android smartphones but decided to change the air and check what Apple has to offer with their iPhones? Possibly the transition will be a bit tricky as iOS 10 is quite different from what Android versions offer users. That's why we've compiled a list of 20 essential tips for any iPhone beginner to get used to the Apple phone!

1. Transport your Android data to the new iPhone

If you're migrating from Android to iPhone, you don't need to set up your new phone from scratch, as you can import the information through an app. On Android, download the Move to iOS app. It will connect both phones, where it will transfer most of your data except applications, passwords and music.

2. Activating Siri

When setting up your iPhone you will be prompted to set up the Siri virtual assistant. If you're in a hurry or don't want it right now, you can turn it on later. To configure “Hey, Siri!” Later, go to the settings, general and Siri menus. Just tap the Allow "Hey, Siri" button and you will have activated the wizard.

Tip: Learn how to disable “Hey Siri” temporarily in this text.

3. Making Siri Recognize Your Voice

Once you activate Siri through the above process, you will be prompted to train Siri to recognize your voice. Just confirm when you're ready and say "Hey Siri" when prompted and repeat the step when prompted. The virtual assistant will require you to say a few more sentences, which must be repeated for recognition. After saying the sentences, just confirm that “Hey Siri” will be activated when called.

4. Using Siri

Apple's virtual assistant is very easy to use. Just call “Hey Siri” it will appear, allowing you to use a wide variety of voice commands. Check out some little known examples below:

How is the transition from beginner on iPhone to user?

Despite being quite different from Android, there are not many hurdles and it doesn't take long to move from the beginner state on iPhone to "professional" on the Apple phone. How is this transition? Do you have any tips you would like to give? So comment with us below and remember to share this article on your social networks!

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