Top 10 iPhone and iPad Games of 2016

After selecting the best games of this year for Android devices, Apple fans have come to know our recommendations for iOS devices. The list has some coincidences in the case of multiplatform games. But for the most part, we'll deal with other titles released, along with some iOS exclusives. But that's enough: check out our list of top 10 iPhone and iPad games in 2016!

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10. 80 Days

Based on the work of Julius Verne, 80 Days is a game that retells the story Around the World in 80 Days, in which an English scientist named Phileas Fogg bet that he would be able to go around the world during this period using his inventions. You will play as the French assistant Passepartou and will need to take care of the operational aspects of the trip - such as finances and even which route you will take to win the bet. Click on the link to meet 80 Days.

9. Vlogger Go Viral

One of the new types of games that are new this year is the “youtuber simulator”. Instead of taking the camera and risking your own videos, you can try one of these simulators. Vlogger Go Viral is one of the best examples and so is part of our list of best iPhone and iPad games in 2016.

In it, you can create videos on a variety of subjects, following what your “followers” ​​are commenting on, earning more views and money to improve your studio. Learn more about the game on its iTunes page. Now watch this great video with a youtuber playing youtuber simulator on Youtube below:

8. FIFA Mobile

The adaptation for phones and tablets of the renowned FIFA franchise has won a new edition this year. Among the news from FIFA Mobile - also considered one of the best iPhone sports games by the AppTuts team - the main one is the possibility to create online tournaments to compete with your friends or sign up to play with people from all over the world. The way to get new players for your Ultimate Team has been renewed. Check out all about FIFA Mobile on iTunes.

7. Invisible Inc.

IPad only, Invisible Inc. was originally released for computers but was also a big hit on Apple's tablet. Being able to select from 10 types of agents and customizing their skills and equipment, their mission is to use and abuse stealth to steal corporate secrets in a futuristic world. The challenge is that each stage is randomly generated, meaning no challenge is always the same. Click the link to meet Invisible Inc.

6. The Westport Independent

One of the most curious concepts in games could not be left out of our list of best games for iPhone and iPad in 2016. The Westport Independent has a unique proposition, placing him as editor of an independent newspaper of a country that goes under a dictatorship. .

The game gives you free choice to choose what types of stories to publish and which formats to use, showing the power of propaganda - and the possible consequences of dealing with a dictatorial regime. Learn more about The Westport Independent on their iTunes page.

5. Reigns

If the title of this article were "craziest game of 2016" surely this game would be first. Reigns mixes simulation of medieval kingdoms with similar mechanics… like Tinder! Through unlocked cards throughout matches, you should always choose from one to two action options, taking care to maintain the balance between army, church, people and commerce. If either reaches the minimum or maximum value, you are deposed or killed, incarnating as a descendant and continuing. Learn more about Reigns by accessing iTunes.

4. Severed

An unusual game and very welcome to the App Store. Mixing action with RPG, Severed puts him in the role of Sasha, a teenager who needs to rescue her family in a strange and monstrous world. The girl has her arm ripped off by monsters, but receives a sword, which she uses to slash the various monsters and increase their powers using their severed limbs.

Beyond history, his drawings are the most beautiful on our list of best iPhone and iPad games in 2016. Click the link to learn more about Sasha's misfortunes in Severed.

3. Super Mario Run

Finally Super Mario appeared on a non-Nintendo platform, at least officially. Super Mario Run uses the basics it launched in the 1980s, but brings gameplay that is well-suited to touch screens. Despite being free only in the early stages, the game is succeeding and is attracting players who want to tackle all the challenges, convincing them to buy the game, something unusual in mobile. See more about Super Mario Run on iTunes.

2. Pokémon GO

But Super Mario on the iPhone wasn't the biggest surprise of the year, which undoubtedly got Pokémon GO, which rekindled the passion and nostalgia of many fans of pocket monsters, who were fever in Brazil in the early 2000s. Little monsters, the title allowed many to live the fantasy of walking, finding and capturing Pokémon, as if they were in Game Boy games or drawing. Check out our 10 tips for becoming a game master and download it from the App Store.

1. Clash Royale

Although Pokémon GO is the biggest revolution and there is no game that can counteract that, for us at AppTuts the game that tops our list of best iPhone and iPad (and Android) games is Clash Royale .

The Supercell game has done an exquisite job of creating a competitive Clash of Clans game, without forcing its players to shell out huge amounts of money to become a winner. Click on the link and find out for yourself why we consider Clash Royale the iPhone and iPad game of the year.

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What are the best iPhone and iPad games of the year for you?

Now it's your turn: do you agree with our list or would you like to recommend other games? Do you think Pokémon GO is better than Clash Royale? Comment with us!

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