Top 10 iPhone Sport Games You Need To Know

Enjoying sports does not necessarily mean having to leave home to practice everyone you like, right? Although it is a healthy and recommended activity, it is not always possible to practice all of them as time is limited. IPhone has a large selection of sports games that you can download and play right away. From the most popular sports like soccer to those not played much like ice hockey can be downloaded and played. Meet the top 10 iPhone sports games on our list below!

1. NBA 2K17

The annual edition of the world's largest basketball league simulator has also hit Apple's iPhone. New features include legendary new players as well as more options in myCAREER mode, a simulator that lets you take on the life of a professional basketball player. In addition to the American League, it is also possible to play with the European League teams. The new edition featured changes for improved gameplay and player controls. Click the link to learn more about the NBA 2K17.

2. Jam City Basketball

With a less realistic approach than NBA 2K17, Jam City Basketball has no affiliation with the American League. This means that it has no real players or teams. The game has a more uncompromising air, with a tutorial, an arcade mode against the machine or the ability to connect and play games online. Learn more about Jam City Basketball on iTunes.

3. Madden NFL Mobile

Oval ball soccer is one of the fastest growing sports in popularity in the country. Nowadays it is becoming more common to find shirts and accessories related to teams and players in Brazilian stores. For those who are riding the wave of this year's season, EA has released a new mobile version of the game. The version features one of the best mobile graphics and brings new play possibilities, as well as this season's rule changes. Meet the Madden NFL Mobile.

4. Football Heroes Pro 2016

Similar to the relationship between Jam City Basketball and NBA 2K17, Football Heroes Pro 2016 has a less technical approach to the sport, requiring less knowledge of rules and tactics. Unlike other games, however, this one also features the presence of NFL players. The game features offline leagues against the machine, as well as an online tournament to put your skills to the test. Click the link to download Football Heroes Pro 2016.

5. Virtua Tennis Challenge

Mobile version of Sega's famous video game tennis simulator, Viruta Tennis Challenge brings its challenges to the iPhone. The game has fictional players, but has different control options, according to the player's preference. You can choose between gesture controls, standard in mobile games, or using a virtual touch screen control, similar to games in the video game. Start your journey to being the # 1 in the world by downloading the game from iTunes.

6. FIFA Mobile

The smartphone edition of the new FIFA 17 dropped the number and became FIFA Mobile. The premise, however, has not changed much and you will still have at your disposal a team at the beginning of your career, collecting iconic players from the top world championships for your team. The game also features periodic events and a permanent online league. Among the main news, Attack Mode allows you to play only on the offensive, delegating the defense to the computer. Meet the recently launched FIFA Mobile.

7. Football Manager Mobile 2016

For those who like the administrative and strategic aspect of sport better, Football Manager Mobile 2016 is the best option. Apart from the focus of the matches, their choice of players, tactics and rehearsed plays that athletes will use in the matches will define their success as they will not have control of the ball by acting as an observer. It has teams from 14 nations, as well as football-inspired systems like loaning players. The game is available on iTunes and a 2017 version will be released on November 17 of this year.

8. New Star Football

Following different styles from FIFA and Football Manager, New Star Football takes control of the team and passes the command to only one novice player of a team. At the age of 16, you should progress in the leagues by helping your team and evolving their skills in an RPG style game. The game allows the user to make decisions about the player's career, including his attitude to the press and fans. Click the link to download New Star Football to discover one of the most unique iPhone sports games on our list.

9. EA Sports UFC

From the same FIFA and Madden NFL producer, EA has also released one of its iPhone sports games with EA Sports UFC, simulator of the most famous mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament. Despite taking up considerable space on your device, the game has good graphics and allows you to use real fighters like Ronda Rousey and José Aldo, among other UFC icons. The game has much of the original game options for consoles and periodic events. Meet EA Sports UFC at the link.

10. Deer Hunter 2016

Another game with annual and updated editions, the Hunting Hunter 2016 game lets you practice your shots without hurting any real animals. Animal health increases as you progress through the game, bringing in large animals or fierce predators that will require accurate aiming and quick reflexes so you don't end up becoming the hunted. Click the link to meet Deer Hunter 2016.

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