Top 12 iOS 12 New Features

As rumors have already predicted, Apple introduced iOS 12 to the world this week, and with it, a number of interesting news were also announced. Of course, you don't have to watch the company presentation to know everything this new version will have in the future. If you're curious, just check out our list below for all the latest iOS 12 news!

1. Release

The official release of iOS 12 does not have a specific date yet, but it is expected that it will not arrive until the announcement of this year's new iPhones. This should happen in September, as usual, so it is expected that the new version of the system will be released around this time.

Until then, you will be able to test the beta for a few months. The developer test has been open since June 4, but the public test begins June 26.

2. Augmented Reality

Apple had already shown interest in Augmented Reality in the past, but the subject was re-commented in the iOS 12 announcement.

It is expected that the technology will have even more focus on this version of the system, increasing even the possibilities of multiplayer games of this type.

Companies like LEGO have warned that they are excited about the news and are exploring creative ideas for the future.

3. Measurement App

Speaking of augmented reality, Apple will use this technology in a new measurement app for the iPhone and iPad with iOS 12. This way, it will be enough to place objects in front of the camera of the device so that it can calculate its measurements accurately.

In addition, the app can automatically detect the dimensions of a photo, which can help anyone considering buying a frame, for example.

4. Camera app changes

Although Apple has not given so much detail on the subject, it is already known that the iPhone and iPad camera app will have some changes in iOS 12.

For starters, the latest iPhones portrait lighting will have an update to look more natural. In addition, the company will also allow third-party applications to use this technology to separate the background and front of photos.

5. Photo app change

Given all the functions and features available to Google Photos users, it was time for Apple to start rethinking some of its own imaging apps on its iPhone and iPad.

In iOS 12 a lot already seems to improve. For starters, it will start recognizing photos by events and will separate them accordingly. Other than that, by searching among your images, you can filter them by people, places, or even dates.

6. iPads will have new gestures

The iPhone X was the first Apple smartphone not to have a button on the front, prompting Apple to offer a series of gestures to make it easier to navigate.

Of course, those who own an iPhone and an iPad may end up confusing the different ways of controlling each other, but that should change in iOS 12. With the upgrade, newer iPads will get many of the gestures of iPhone X.

7. New Siri Shortcuts

Apple's virtual assistant is always getting new features and features in iOS updates, so of course it wouldn't be any different this time around. One of the new aspects are several shortcuts that the company included in Siri.

In fact, there are so many shortcuts that a new app will be created specifically for that. There, Siri can suggest food you always order from a restaurant, send messages to contacts when you are late, or even read information from websites and establishments.

8. Siri Translations

Since we mentioned Siri, it's worth mentioning that she can also translate multiple phrases into other languages ​​quickly and easily. In Apple's demo, she could translate phrases into Spanish, but in the final version of iOS 12, more than 40 different languages ​​will be supported.

This can be very useful when traveling to other countries, but it should also help those who have foreign friends or acquaintances.

9. What's New in Do Not Disturb Mode

In addition to improving iPhone and iPad usage, Apple wants to make sure its users also have more peace of mind and personalization options when setting the device aside.

So “Don't Disturb” mode is being redesigned on iOS 12. With the upgrade, the mode will be simpler to use and, in addition to muting notification sounds, will also decrease visual notifications that may distract you.

At bedtime, users can make the lock screen show nothing until morning, which is perfect for those who are easily distracted by checking notifications all the time.

10. Notifications

Speaking of notifications, it is worth mentioning that the long-awaited bundled notifications will be present in iOS 12. This will give you the warnings of the same group app and more cleanly on your lock screen.

11. Changes to Animoji

Animojis were quite successful when they were announced last year, so it makes sense that Apple wants to expand this fun feature with iOS 12.

For starters, more masks will be added, but there will also be language detection and blinking on the iPhone X. Other than that, Apple has announced the “Memoji”, which is about Animoji that can be customized to your appearance.

12. Facetime in group

Even with so many other voice and video chat apps today, Facetime is still one of the best you can use on iPhone and iPad.

That's why Apple is always trying to improve the app, including the group chat option that will be added on iOS 12. This will allow up to 32 people to join a single call, which is very useful.

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