Top 14 LG G6 News and Rumors

With its ever-closer official announcement, it is only natural that there is a lot of news about LG G6, LG's next premium smartphone. With so much information coming out every day, it is very difficult to know what to believe or which rumors are most likely to come true. If you want to know a little more about the new device and what its possible new features and features, just check out our detailed list below!

1. Announcement

So far there is only speculation about the launch of the LG G6, but it is almost certain that the device will make its first appearance and be announced in February. This is because LG scheduled a press conference on February 26 in Barcelona.

Although the company has not said that the event will be focused on this smartphone, there are no other products that it usually presents at the beginning of the year.

2. Release

With the announcement of LG's new smartphone, the official release date is also expected to be mentioned this month. Some expect the LG G6 to be released between March and April, which would be in line with previous handsets like the LG G4 and G5.

3. Price

In terms of price, the G6 should not be too different from its predecessors and main competitors in the smartphone market. Its starting price is at least $ 600, the same as the cheaper models of the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy line.

LG doesn't usually release special or larger versions (like the iPhone Plus or Galaxy Edge), but that could change this year.

4. Design

There are many rumors about the design of the new device, with some saying that it will have a glass back and others imagining that it has a fully reinforced aluminum body.

Either way, LG is expected to go a long way in this model, especially to appeal to consumers who didn't like the look of its successor so much.

5. No modular features

Even though LG had good intentions with the modular features of the LG G5, it can't be said that the initiative worked very well. Like other handsets of its kind, the G5 has failed to get special attention or highlight for these features and has received criticism for its problems.

The G6 should follow a more standard line and without trying big innovations, which at least should help keep the company's focus on smartphone quality.

6. Display

LG itself has given some clues to the screen of its next smartphone. Even without saying that the information is related to the G6, there are no other handsets that should be released before it, so there is no doubt about it.

The company has revealed that its new device will have a 5.7-inch Quad HD (1440 x 2880 pixel resolution) screen with minimal black edges around it.

7. Camera

There are not many rumors about the possible camera of the G6, but it is expected to be considerably better than the LG G5, which received some criticism about its performance. It is also likely that the company will implement two lenses as in the previous device and most of its competitors.

8. Battery

It is believed that in addition to being more powerful, the battery of the LG G6 will also be removable, which is a good advantage compared to its main competitors.

Nonetheless, it is very likely that LG will not include two batteries in the package as in the LG G5, especially since many have complained about the two not lasting as long as expected.

9. Specifications

Based on possible smartphone leaks, it is believed that it will be 148.8 mm high, 72.3 mm wide and 8.3 mm thick. This means that the LG G6 should have proportions very similar to its predecessor, but slightly thicker.

10. Wireless Charging

In addition to having a much more powerful battery than its predecessor, the G6 should still have the fast and wireless charging feature. The technology is expected to be very similar to that of the Galaxy S7, with the battery charging halfway in just 30 minutes, which is quite impressive for wireless chargers.

11. USB-C input

Like most recently launched devices, LG's new handset should also feature a USB-C slot instead of the micro USB standard used in recent years. This helps in faster data transfer and also makes it easy to connect to any other device with the same input.

12. Headphone jack

Unlike the iPhone 7, the LG G6 should still have a special headphone jack only. Although it may seem obvious to some people, there were many consumers concerned that LG wanted to follow Apple's footsteps in this regard.

13. Operating System

Considering that the release of the G6 will take at least another month, it is very likely that it will already have Android Nougar 7.1 installed as its operating system. This is a good advantage considering that there are few devices with this version of Android currently.

Other than that, one would expect the usual modifications that LG usually makes to the system, but nothing that greatly hinders its overall performance.

14. Performance

Finally, there is also interesting speculation about the performance of the device, which should be quite powerful and equivalent to the latest premium models in the smartphone market. For now, it is believed that the G6 will feature the Snapdragon 821 chip, the same found in Google Pixel and OnePlus 3T.

Already the RAM should be 4 GB, but some bet on 5 or 6 GB, since many other smartphones have managed to reach this mark.

What do you think about the possibilities of the LG G6?

Could you take our list to know some of the possible aspects of the future LG G6? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think.

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