Top 25 classic Android games

Several gaming giants are bringing their classic games to Android. Since many of its consumers in the 1990s and 2000s migrated to smartphones and tablets, there is a great diversity of these iconic titles in the Google digital store today. Not just versions of the originals for phones, like the Final Fantasy series, but also original games that blend the elements of yore with the mechanics of the mobile touch screen, as well as the free model with in-game purchases. We've listed 25 of these classic Android games so you can start playing today!

1. Pac-Man

It was impossible not to start with this classic. Not only the original game, but several adaptations and games of all kinds have already been released with the charismatic mascot that looks like a missing piece of pizza. But for the classic experience, just download this version and have fun running away from ghosts in psychedelic mazes for free with Pac-Man.

2. Ridge Racer Slipstream

Playstation racing classic is also present as one of 25 classic Android games. Ridge Racer Slipstream comes with all its console version modes, with career mode, free racing and even real-time online multiplayer mode. Best of all: for free!

3. Galaga Special Edition

One of the biggest icons of navy games, Galaga Special Edition brings the best of the frantic 80's arcade action to your Android. The game has 25 levels to overcome and, of course, bosses that occupy almost the entire screen.

4. Tekken Card Tournament

One of the most highly regarded fighting game series on the Playstation and arcades, Tekken Card Tournament brings the franchise's iconic fighters to a card game. The cards cause the fighters to strike, deflect or block attacks, and it will be up to the player to try to predict the opponent's movement to return accordingly.

5. Pitfall!

Get ready to relive your Atari emotions with this title. Pitfall Harry goes back to exploring forests, swaying in vines and jumping over the crocodile's (closed!) Mouths with the revamped mobile version of Pitfall! Using the style of endless run created by Temple Run, the game pays homage to the classic while adapting it to modern mechanics.

6. Soul Calibur

Another icon of fighting games, the Soul Calibur series differed from Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat for being focused on gunfights. The game is adapted from the franchise's second title, released on the nostalgic Dreamcast. Unlike previous examples, Soul Calibur is not free, costing $ 30.53 on the Google Play Store.

7. R-Type

Like Galaga, R-Type was one of the most remarkable arcade games. But unlike the above, instead of your perspective coming from the top and your ship moving from the bottom up, the action here is horizontal from left to right. It may seem the same, but the experiences are considerably different! The title is available for $ 7.91.

8. Pinball Arcade

Ok, it's hard to reproduce the incredible mechanics of pinball machines. But in the absence of arcades, Pinball Arcade is an excellent branch breaker, especially for bringing machines that existed in the real world. Although free, most tables should be purchased, although some free copies are available to break the branch.

9. Metal Slug Defense

Inspired by the Metal Slug game series, this title changes the mechanics a bit, placing players as base commanders. During matches, you must recruit soldiers and build vehicles to attack and defend your opponent base, whether controlled by the game or by another player, in wars fought over the internet. Be sure to check out our Metal Slug Defense review and consider downloading it from Google Play.

10. Metal Slug Attack

Direct sequel to the game we mentioned above, Metal Slug Attack improves the mechanics of its predecessor and expands the game. Including several new modes - including prisoner rescue missions - weapons, creatures and characters, the game can be a good evolution if you liked Metal Gear Defense.

11. The King of Fighters '98

One of the most highly acclaimed fighting games, The King of Fighters '98 was created as a special version, with most of the characters and teams from previous editions. What made it a favorite was its advanced graphics for the time, as well as greater fluidity and improved mechanics. A presence that could not be missed on our list of classic Android games, KOF '98 sells for $ 4.99. Note: Rugal remains as appealing as we remembered!

12. The King of Fighters '97

The 1997 version of The King of Fighters series concluded the first arc of the game's history, which began in 1994 and focused on the stories of Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami and their direct relationship with an evil god. The conclusion of the story is also available on Android at $ 12.67.

13. Samurai Showdown II

From the same producer as The King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown II was one of the first to tackle combat between samurai, ninjas and medieval knights, focusing on their weapons as well as special abilities. The second title in the series is the only one available for Android, and can be purchased for $ 12.67.

14. Fatal Fury Special

Fatal Fury Special is the recreation of the second Fatal Fury, franchise that originated The King of Fighters. The game featured unforgettable characters such as ninja Mai Shiranui, kung fu master Tung Fu Rue and British troublemaker Billy Kane. The game is available for $ 16.92 and is also one of the must-see classic games for Android.

15. Tamagotchi Classic

Hard to forget about the little digital creatures that needed to be cared for and came in a kind of key ring. To relive the nostalgia for watching the little creature feed, play and grow, Tamagotchi Classic is the perfect solution for that. To relive the memories and die of nostalgia, the game is sold on Google Play for $ 12.08.

16. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Launched in July of this year, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius seeks to blend the beloved characters from the world's largest Japanese role-playing franchise while offering a completely new storyline, but with all the style the series has established for years. Best of all, the title offers this story for free!

17. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

The most played mobile game in the Final Fantasy series to date, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is a tribute to the franchise and all the memorable characters that have passed through it. To save the world, a young historian will need to search a library and relive key moments in the series while recruiting the characters from these worlds and building his dream team.

18. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

Remake for Android of one of Fan's favorite titles, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions has thrilled players around the world and is considered a favorite of many, even though not part of the main series. For those who have never played, do not expect a cute game, as it addresses heavy topics such as prejudice, politics, nobility and friendship. The price, unfortunately, is salty: R $ 48, 31.

19. Secret of Mana

Considered one of the best Super Nintendo titles, Secret of Mana was originally released in 1993. Unlike the Final Fantasy series, it is considered one of the pioneers of Japanese action RPGs, replacing turn-based battles with live clashes. bringing a group of three characters to fight an evil empire. The title is available at $ 15.99.

20. Chrono Trigger

We usually don't refer to the first person here on AppTuts. But Chrono Trigger deserves an exception, being personally one of my favorites. Designed by the creator of the Dragon Ball Z design, the title features a group of heroes from different eras, who travel in time, witness the end of their world and will need to travel through different ages to avoid catastrophe. The game is available on Google Play for $ 40 and is worth the investment, being one of the best classic games for Android.

21. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Nintendo's first portable game came in the form of Pokémon Shuffle Mobile . Initially released for its Nintendo 3DS notebook, the game borrowed mechanics from Candy Crush and adapted them so that fans could hunt down the infamous pocket monsters, but without spending a dime if they didn't want to.

22. Pokémon TCG Online

In addition to the main franchise games, the Pokémon card game is one of the most popular within the genre. If you had the habit of collecting cards and playing with your friends in childhood, Pokémon TCG Online is one of the best alternatives.

The application is free and it is possible to win cards with the money won in the duels. If you decide to re-collect the cards in the real world, each pack or deck you buy can be converted to the digital version, allowing you to test your deck against opponents from around the world. The only thing, however, is that it is exclusive to tablets.

23. Final Fantasy Series (1 to 9 except 8)

In addition to the games mentioned earlier, much of the main series chapters are also available. Although some versions have received some criticism related to the graphics, which seem childish compared to the original editions, nostalgia is guaranteed. The prices of each game vary between R $ 32, 00 and R $ 88, 00.

24. Metal Slug Series (1, 2, 3 and X)

Although Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack are good free titles, they lack the mechanics of the main series, which are also on our list of the best classic Android games. Metal Slug 1, 2, 3, and X can be purchased on Google Play and range from $ 11.80 to $ 12.67 . Check out our Metal Slug 3 review!

25. Dragon Quest Series (1 to 8 except 7)

For many years Dragon Quest fought head-to-head with Final Fantasy for the title of Japan's largest franchise of role-playing games. After the merger of the two rivals, both series became part of the same group, being also available for Android. The series closes our list of classic Android games and the price range for each title ranges from $ 6.71 (Dragon Quest) to $ 62.24 (Dragon Quest VIII).

Liked our nostalgic list of top 25 classic Android games? Already playing any of these? Comment with us what are your favorites!

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