Want to give an iPhone as a Christmas gift? Follow these 8 tips

Are you considering giving a new iPhone a Christmas gift to a loved one? Apple's smartphone is still the best selling in the world, although in Brazil its price may be prohibitive, considering the current models. Still, you don't need to buy the most powerful or expensive version of the phone - currently the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus - especially considering other options like buying slightly older versions or even considering buying a used one. Check out 8 tips for giving an iPhone as a Christmas gift!

1. Research how long the recipient bought the current phone

Imagine your surprise when you give an iPhone as a gift and find out that it's not even three months since the gift recipient bought you a new phone. Even if he chooses to keep his, he will have to choose between three options: use both smartphones, give away his newly purchased phone to someone else, or sell it for sale. The third option may seem cool, but it's a big drawback, considering that a used phone is worth far less than an original, so it wasted a lot of money in the process.

2. Don't be surprised unless you're 100% safe.

For the same reason as above, avoid giving a cell phone as a surprise gift, except in situations where you are 100% safe, such as giving a child who has no income and has already expressed the desire to have an iPhone.

Please also note that unless you are responsible for the account, you cannot set it up before giving the person a gift. So it is good to talk to the person and announce the gift.

After all, Apple products have some specifications that significantly differentiate them from other brands' options. From the smartphone operating system (iOS) to the issue of new models not having headset inputs or even the possibility of expanding SD cards. Really make sure that the recipient will be satisfied and the device is useful to him.

3. Generate Expectation

One more reason why not try to surprise when planning to give an iPhone as a gift: to generate expectation. Who never knew he was going to win a desired toy in childhood and kept counting the days to receive it?

The same tip holds true in this case. To further enhance the promise, go along with text like the top 20 iPhone 7 apps and “what color iPhone 7 should you choose?” - if that's the handset - so you can wonder which one you bought. Some things may come as a surprise.

4. Meet the recipient operator

Before you consider buying a mobile phone, it is important to know which carrier you already use in your routine. This happens mainly if your intention is to present a phone linked to a plan, as it usually happens in carrier stores like Vivo, Claro, TIM, etc. It is possible that the recipient is satisfied with his or her current configuration or is even bound by a contract and is required to pay a penalty for leaving early. Therefore…

5.… have a preference for iPhones without plans

The best thing you can do for yourself and the person receiving the iPhone as a gift is to give them an unlocked device, that is, without belonging to any particular carrier. This way, she is free to migrate her phone to her current plan or look for the best one for her. Even if options without a contract are more expensive, they can avoid a lot of headache.

6. Search for shared plans

A good option if the recipient lives with you. Most carriers work with joint plans, offering more data and especially reduced price compared to two unique plans. Another facility that this type of purchase allows is to set up the smartphone before delivering it as a gift, allowing the person to start using it now.

7. Compare Prices

The official value of the iPhone 7 in the Apple store is $ 3, 899 in the most basic version, with 128GB of storage. However, it is not always the cheapest option, and may be found at slightly lower prices in other electronics stores or major retailers, which may be offering discounts on handsets. Sites like Buscapé or Google Shopping can be of great use.

8. Keep an eye on the warranty

Most major stores offer a 6 month to 1 year warranty on the device. However, it is always worth to be aware, since not every store has the same practices. Some even offer extended warranty service, increasing the length of time your phone is protected.

It is also worth checking against what kind of damage the warranty covers the user. Please be sure to inform the new owner about all these details after giving him / her, so that you are aware and, if you have any problems, know exactly how to use it in time while the device is under warranty.

Want to give someone an iPhone as a gift?

Hardly anyone will not like receiving an iPhone as a gift. However, certain precautions must be taken so that the dream does not turn into a nightmare. How is the list of Christmas presents? Discuss with us which gifts you want to give to family and friends and what are the best techniques to avoid falling into ambush!

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