WhatsApp vs Allo: Which is the best app?

Allo, Google's new chat app, is drawing a lot of attention because it looks like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger while bringing new enhancements and features. A lot of people are already testing it and it is normal to wonder if it is worth trying to migrate to a new app like this or if it is better to continue on the already popular WhatsApp for fast messaging via Wi-Fi and 3G. If you have this question or simply want to know the differences between the two apps, just check out our more detailed comparison below!

1. Messages

In terms of messaging, the two apps are not so different: both offer the possibility of normal and audio messaging for all contacts you have on your smartphone. The advantage of WhatsApp is that you can format messages a little differently (making the words bold or italic, for example) and you can tell when someone read what you sent.

The advantage of Allo is that it formats messages so that they are large or small (depending on your mood), allows you to send SMS and even provides intelligent and automatic responses based on your conversation and speech. You'll also know when the message was sent and reached, but not the exact time the person read it.

2. Groups

Both apps offer the ability to form contact groups that also use Allo, which is a basic feature of any messaging app today. In this case, there are no major advantages or disadvantages in using either application, except that WhatsApp still has a much larger user base today.

3. Security

WhatsApp recently adopted end-to-end encryption technology to make your conversations much safer and out of reach for others. For Allo, we don't have this feature because Allo needs your information to work in a personalized way.

Fortunately, the new Google app offers incognito mode for those who don't want to know about these features and just don't want their vulnerable messages. This way nothing is stored or can be accessed by anyone, not even Google.

4. Voice Calls

In this regard, WhatsApp still has a good advantage over Allo as it has been offering voice calls for some time now. For some reason, Google has decided not to include this feature in Allo, leaving this kind of experience to another app, Duo.

With Duo, you can make video and voice calls anytime with your added contacts, but not everyone wants two apps to do something like WhatsApp alone, let alone video call rumors. coming to the app soon.

5. File Upload

Currently, you can only send photo and video files to your contacts through Allo, while in WhatsApp you can send photos, videos and PDF files and spreadsheets, for example.

The truth is that none of the apps offers a variety of file uploads, as users have long complained about being unable to send other types of documents and even GIFs.

6. Desktop Version

Not everyone can or likes to use chat apps exclusively on their smartphones, something WhatsApp realized some time ago when it released web and desktop versions. The experience of these versions can still improve a lot and they work depending on the app, but it's already a big advantage over Allo.

The Google app only has mobile version for now, which is understandable since it was launched a few days ago. The desktop version is expected to be released soon, especially if the app succeeds.

7. Backup

WhatsApp backup support is really good, and you can even rescue deleted messages in some situations. Other than that, you'll always get your old messages back even if you delete the app from your smartphone and install it again later.

Allo doesn't offer any backup to its users yet, which is odd considering that Google often always gives this option in their apps. As the app is still new, we hope this feature will be implemented soon.

8. Artificial Intelligence

Many applications, such as Facebook Messenger, are betting on artificial intelligence to make the experience more personalized and interactive. In the case of Allo, we have a very interesting personal assistant with whom we can try to talk or ask to perform certain tasks for us.

This is what makes Allo worthwhile compared to WhatsApp, which has nothing like it implemented yet and is not expected to happen.

9. Interface

The interface of the two applications looks a bit, with Allo being cleaner and minimalist in many respects compared to WhatsApp. Using the Google app is also a little more intuitive, with menus more easily understood and used overall.

WhatsApp can be a little confusing at first, at least as regards its settings, which are harder to find in certain cases.

Prefer Allo or WhatsApp?

Did you take a good look at our list to define which of the two apps caught your attention? Be sure to leave your comment telling us which one you prefer to use on a daily basis.

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