11 great news from iPad Pro

Apple recently introduced its newest tablet model: the iPad Pro. Even though the announcement was already expected by many people, the company was able to surprise with the many new features of the iPad Pro and all it has to offer its future consumers. .

Instead of just being a new update in the Apple tablet family, iPad Pro is a new line, along with iPad Air and iPad Mini. Like these last two, iPad Pro also focuses more on a specific type of consumer: people who need something practical, functional and powerful to be able to work and study seriously and productively on a daily basis.

Practical as a tablet and nearly as powerful as a powerful notebook, iPad Pro promises a lot with its new features, even though some have already shown up on competing devices. To know exactly what the new iPad is all about, just check out our list of the 11 great iPad Pro news!

1. Huge 12.9 inch screen

If you already thought the iPad Air's 9.7-inch screen was a bit too big for a tablet, you might be scared by the 12.9-inch iPad Pro's huge screen. Of course, the quality of the iPad Pro's retina display has also increased dramatically: it has 2, 732 x 2, 048 resolution, resulting in up to 5.6 million pixels. Basically, this is the highest resolution ever seen on an Apple device to date. Now imagine working with images, playing HD games and watching movies on such a screen!

2. Apple Pencil

There was a time when Steve Jobs said no one would want a stylus to touch his smartphone. This may even be true for phones with screens up to 5 inches, but Apple finally realized that the case was different for tablets, especially one with the screen like the iPad Pro.

The Apple Pencil announcement was a real joy for designers and illustrators as it will practically turn the iPad into a graphics tablet. You will be able to draw in incredible detail according to the pressure placed on the Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro screen. As expected, the accessory will be sold separately for an unfriendly price of $ 99.

3. Amazing performance

If the iPad Air 2 was already fast enough, Apple promises that the iPad Pro will be able to deliver almost double the performance with the new A9X processor. This means that you can easily handle very heavy programs such as 4K video editing just to give you an example.

With so much power available, it is to be imagined that amazing new and more demanding apps and programs will be developed for the platform in the future.

4. Battery Life

Anyone who has or has had an iPad model knows that they have always had a great battery life, even with heavy use all day long. But now it seems that Apple has decided to invest even more in this regard, given that the iPad Pro is really designed for those who need to work with the device all day long.

The promise is that the new tablet's battery will last over 10 hours of constant use, which should really give most people more than a day, even with the most intense use. Considering the screen resolution and the new processing power, this is quite impressive.

5. Four speakers

Tablet speakers can be problematic due to their location on the device, but that won't be a concern on the iPad Pro. After all, the tablet will feature no less than four very powerful, high-quality speakers. This way, there's no way to muffle the sound depending on just where you hold the iPad Pro in your hand, as with older models.

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6. Touch ID

Touch ID is no longer exactly new, being present on iPhone 6 and other recent iPad models (such as the iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2), but it's still important to highlight its presence on the iPad Pro. With Touch ID, It's much easier and safer to access your iPad and your shopping as it relies on your fingerprint. Much better than a simple 4-digit password, isn't it?

7. Keyboard

Typing on the iPad's virtual keyboard may be comfortable after a while, but nothing replaces a physical keyboard when writing long texts. At least Apple finally realized this and took shame in the face when developing the new special keyboard for the iPad Pro.

It is extremely thin, looking like a regular Smart Cover, but very soft and easy to use. Best of all, it doesn't use wires or Bluetooth to connect to the iPad, with a special, super-discreet connector on its base. Of course all this efficiency won't come cheap, with Apple charging $ 169 just for the keyboard.

8. Split screen for multitasking

As expected, the iPad Pro will come with the iOS 9 system already installed. This coupled with all its processing power means that it will be able to run the new feature of the new system version: the split screen for multiple tasks.

To have a good example in mind, imagine it will be like a normal computer: you will be able to watch a video on YouTube while watching posts from your friends on Facebook. This can be extremely productive for those who work with many documents or apps at the same time, as everything can be easily accessible side by side.

9. Cameras

As usual, iPad Pro will offer two cameras to its users. The front will be 1.2 megapixel with focus on high quality video conferencing and the rear will be 8 megapixel with the ability to shoot 1080p with ease. In the most superficial aspects, the settings are not so different from those of the iPad Air 2, but the quality of the images and videos made with the iPad Pro is expected to be really superior.

10. Better connectivity

Of course, iPad Pro will offer the typical Wi-Fi and 4G connections, as older models have always done before. The news is Apple has promised that iPad Pro connectivity has greatly improved so that users do not have the same problems that previous tablets had, such as sudden drop in signal, to cite one of the examples.

11. Size and Weight

With such a large screen and such powerful processing power, you may already be afraid of the weight of the iPad Pro, right? But you needn't worry, as it's as thin as the iPad Air 2 and is only 6.9 millimeters thick.

In size, it actually ends up being a bit big because of its screen, but it is still very light and not even weigh a kilo! Of course you can't just hang out with him in a small bag like the iPad Mini, but he still does very well in a backpack or briefcase.

So, did you like the big news of iPad Pro? They really make Apple's new tablet even more tempting. Just be sure to tell us in the comments what you think of the new iPad and which of these news interests you the most!

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