15 best Portuguese games for Mac

Although PC is the platform with the best gaming compatibility, that doesn't mean that you have to abandon electronic games for good. There is a good selection of games that you can play on your Mac, and a considerable portion of them can also be played in Portuguese, especially if English is a barrier to entering this world. To begin your gamer journey on the Apple computer, we've sorted out 15 best Portuguese games for Mac from a variety of different genres and mechanics!

1. Grim Fandango Remastered

A turn-of-the-millennium classic, Grim Fandango Remastered is a click-through adventure game known for its acid humor and reference to Mexican traditions, and is directly linked to Dia de Los Muertos, the holiday of November 2nd. The title features almost no action scenes, switching from the incessant squeeze of key combinations to integral puzzles and humorous dialogue. This version is a remastering of the original, featuring updated graphics and sounds.

2. The Banner Saga

Highlighting the beautiful designs and combat mechanics different from the ones seen in strategy games, The Banner Saga tells the story of two distinct groups, fleeing from an unknown threat in a world where the sun has ceased to shine. The title has more mysteries than the player can answer and a system of moral choices that leaves the player with the flea behind the ear, often undecided on how to proceed. Especially recommended for Nordic mythology fans and their references.

3. Shadow Warrior (2013)

Another of the line of remasters, Shadow Warrior is a shooter similar to the classic Doom and Wolfenstein 3D . In the role of Lo Wang, you must seek a legendary blade attached to ancient gods to rid the world of a demonic invasion. The plot made no sense? No problem, for what will not be lacking is action with magic swords, explosive weapons, a lot of action and of course, absurd amounts of blood and pieces of monsters gushing everywhere.

4. Darkest Dungeon

Game created by a dependent studio, Darkest Dungeon mixes RPG elements with horror games. As the owner of a haunted property, you must recruit warriors to explore various parts of this mansion, facing gruesome creatures inspired by the tales of author HP Lovecraft.

Fighting and dungeon exploitation have a special spice: stress. According to the weather, clashes and lighting of the place, their warriors become stressed, may develop psychological problems or even lose their sanity and die. It might be one of the best Portuguese games for Mac, but it's not easy!

5. Shovel Knight

One of the Kickstarter crowdfunding record setters, Shovel Knight is a tribute to classic platform games such as Ducktales, Super Mario Bros and Castlevania . Despite this, he has his own identity and a protagonist who oozes charisma, a knight who uses a shovel as a weapon.

He will have to rescue his adventure companion from an evil witch, but to do so, he must pass through eight knights, as charismatic as the hero himself. It's a must-see game for anyone who has spent hours in front of a Super Nintendo or Mega Drive.

6. Transistor

A science fiction game in an alternate future, Transistor tells the story of a singer who loses her voice while being protected from an attack in which her boyfriend's soul is tied to a sword. The game has an excellent and exciting soundtrack and a very interesting battle system, which you can use to pause time and plan a series of attacks and moves. It's considered one of the best games of 2014, so we couldn't miss our list of best Portuguese games for Mac.

7. Miami Hotline

If you found Shadow Warrior brutal, it's because you haven't read about Hotline Miami yet . The game is a psychedelic trip in an 80's Miami, with drawings that look like video games from that time. Controlling a mysterious character, you must overcome stages by slaying all enemies of the level.

Despite having a plot, it is quite subjective and difficult to interpret correctly. Nonetheless, the game's mechanics flow very well, and since it's easy to restart a phase after you lose, you'll find yourself stuck trying to get through a phase of this hallucinogenic Miami. After finishing the game, we recommend reading your Wikipedia page so you know more about what you were doing. The game also features a sequel also in Portuguese, called Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number .

8. Solar Pier and the Great Architects

Despite the name in English, the title was created by a team of Brazilians, even winning a cartridge version for the Mega Drive console, many years after the video game was discontinued. Solar Pier and the Great Architects bring the formula of Japanese RPGs from the 90s to the present day, being an HD version of the original.

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9. Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty

Another version inspired by a classic released in the past, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty brings the weird alien Abe on a journey to save his skin - and his race - from becoming a meat snack, the factory owner's evil plan where I worked as a janitor. The game features old-style controls to please fans of the original, but it also features analog of current controls to guide Abe.

10. Chroma Squad

This is dedicated especially to those who were or are still fans of the Power Rangers. Also created by a Brazilian studio, Chroma Squad is inspired by super-sentai - Japanese sitcoms usually with a crew of 3 to 5 young people who must save the world from some threat by wearing special clothes - bringing the experience of generating a studio independent of those types. series.

You can create your own team of actors, as well as buy equipment and weapons for them to use on recordings, all made as if they were a real combat. Be sure to check out the hilarious trailer of the game, which we put above, to get an idea of ​​the unusual - and ingenious - proposal of the game.

11. Ronin

As the mysterious daughter of the head of a powerful corporation that had been betrayed and murdered by its partners, Ronin is one of the Portuguese games for Mac that intrigue and delight with its unlike conventional mechanics. Despite being an action game, the moves and stunts are done in turns, in which you can visualize the trajectory of the attack of your enemies and thus act accordingly.

Seeing the blows of your enemies may seem to make the game easy, but oddly enough, it's just the opposite: Ronin is a challenging game, but excellent in every way. So join our list of games in Portuguese for Mac.

12. Minecraft: Story Mode

Set in the cubic universe of Minecraft, this game uses all of Telltale Games' storytelling knowledge to present a story in this rich world. Minecraft: Story Mode is gradually released through new chapters released periodically. The story brings Jesse, who must assemble the Order of the Stone to save the world from oblivion, using the familiar skills of the game that inspired him.

13. This War of Mine: The Little Ones

One of the most moving games today, This War of Mine: The Little Ones brings a different perspective to what we see in war games. Instead of a superpowered soldier, the protagonists are ordinary people who must survive in the midst of a besieged city with ever-scarce resources.

Originally released in 2014, the game was expanded during that year to include child characters, adding a great deal of excitement and responsibility to the game. Despite the heavy weather, it is one of the most amazing gaming experiences and can't be left off our list of the best Portuguese games for Mac.

14. The Walking Dead: Michonne

Also from the aforementioned Telltale Games, The Walking Dead: Michonne will tell a story about the popular character from the series The Walking Dead . The game seeks to fill the space left for a period that the character was missing from the group in the original comic. The title is relatively short, with only three episodes. Like the main series, you can expect a lot of scares and tough decisions along the way.

15. Knights of Pen & Paper: +1 Edition

Before Chroma Squad, Brazilians from Behold Studios had launched Knights of Pen & Paper: +1 Edition . The game is a tribute to the notorious table RPGs, placing the player as a group that is playing the game, that is, you are a controller who is in charge of characters who are playing something.

Full of references to pop culture and Brazilian TV icons, the game lets you customize your experience by creating new characters and manipulating the game's challenges in a risk and reward system. It's worth playing just for the possibility of placing a version of Ninja Turtle Splinter Master as one of the controllers. Could not be left off our list of the best Portuguese games for Mac.

Which of the best Portuguese games for Mac is your favorite?

Personally, I really like Chroma Squad, Ronin and Shovel Knight, although they are all great games. But which one caught your attention the most? Have a suggestion to add to our list of Portuguese games for Mac? Comment with us here on AppTuts!

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