21 Brazilian Marketing Names You Need to Know

Increasingly, marketing attracts professionals willing to invest in a career, especially if we are talking about digital marketing. The country has a large and varied selection of professionals specialized in marketing tools. Whether it's social media marketing, growth marketing or content marketing, we've listed 23 names of Brazilian marketing you need to know and start following today. Check out the full list below!

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1. Luciano Larrossa

Specialist in Facebook Marketing, Luciano Larrossa brings daily content about social network marketing on her Facebook fanpage and on the Freelancer School website. Author of the book Facebook for Business and the Live Business Broadcast course, Luciano is always one of the first to catch up on changes in social networks - whether it's just a funny reaction or tracking algorithms, for example - and to comment about these changes to your channels.

2. Bruno Marinho

Addressing marketing and entrepreneurship, Bruno Marinho is the founder of the website Developeti, specializing in online courses in the area. He has already launched courses that involve blogging strategy in different timeframes (short, medium or long), how to profit from social networks and how to create mobile applications in a few minutes, for example.

3. Ana Tex

Like Luciano, Ana Tex's area of ​​expertise is social media. With her Turbotex course and New Media, she introduces the industry's most trending media and their specifics, as well as ways to boost their business on these platforms. Track your content and learn more about Instagram and Facebook on your Facebook page.

4. Maya Sandoya

Maya Sandoya is a specialist in the digital commerce field focused on the fashion industry. She is director of new business at Planet Girls online store and also teaches ecommerce classes for digital marketing graduate students at Impacta de Tecnologia.

5. Pedro Camarez

LinkedIn expert Pedro Camarez works mainly with lectures on social networking focused on the corporate environment. In addition to teaching how to improve your profile - or that of your company - on the social network, he also talks about Human Resources and business to business, not just marketing. Learn more about Pedro on his LinkedIn page.

6. Bruno Picinini

Owner of the Digital Entrepreneur website and one of the big names in Brazilian marketing, especially in the digital marketing business. Bruno Picinini also has pages on social networks, where he publishes daily content in his area. On the site, it offers training and consulting for entrepreneurs, as well as content aimed at content production, successful habits and entrepreneurship.

7. Martha Gabriel

Marketing writer and speaker, Martha Gabriel specializes in a method called Growth Hacking Marketing, which seeks to provide accelerated growth for companies through specific marketing tactics. She is the author of 5 books and also works with innovation and education in her books and lectures. Follow your Facebook content.

8. Cristiano Santos

Also a LinkedIn expert, Cristiano Santos offers tips on social media on his profile, as well as leading the largest Brazilian group on LinkedIn itself. Cristiano has served as social media coordinator at Editora Globo and currently teaches at colleges such as Cásper Líbero, one of the largest in the area of ​​communication. Impossible not to be mentioned in a list with names of Brazilian marketing.

9. Karla Garcia

Coauthor of the book “Success Stories” and one of the founders of Design Agora agency - currently ILI Agency -, Karla Garcia brings with her 15 years of experience in Brazilian and international marketing. Following a more traditional path than most on this list, her background includes a degree in Communication and an MBA in Marketing.

10. Érico Rocha

Founder of the website Ignição Digital, Érico Rocha is considered one of the best Brazilian marketing professionals for small businesses. On his website, he features content production, case study and analysis, and entrepreneurship. Its main course is called the Release Formula, which covers marketing and sales techniques that cater to any business area.

11. Jesse Rodrigues

Professor at ESPM, one of the best in management, entrepreneurship and marketing, Jessé Rodrigues is also one of the founders of the School of Digital Marketing website. Approaching digital marketing as a great jigsaw puzzle, the professional brings a variety of online courses addressing topics such as business opportunities, content production, and results measurement.

12. Rafael Rez

Another of the indispensable names when we talk about Brazilian marketing names, Rafael Rez is one of the creators of the Nova Escola de Marketing website and author of the book Content Marketing: The 21st Century Currency. On the page, it merges basic content by explaining terms in the area such as lead generation with more advanced content, as well as offering several online courses.

13. Marco Gouveia

Focused on SEO, digital entrepreneur Marco Gouveia directs his consulting service to analyzing, reading and evaluating traffic to his website or blog. It also offers courses on Facebook and Google ads, as well as SEO itself and Google Analytics reports. Click the link and learn more about its content and online courses.

14. Henrique Carvalho

Henrique Carvalho is the owner of Viver de Blog, one of the oldest digital entrepreneurship websites. Your page involves the processes involved in creating the blog from the moment of idea design to how to maintain consistency. The online courses offered on the page involve the same subjects, with an emphasis on content production.

15. John Kepler

With a focus on digital sales and ecommerce, João Kepler is also one of the oldest digital entrepreneurs on the web. Its content turns to ecommerce and digital marketing, also talking about online customer service. Learn more about his career as one of the names of Brazilian marketing by visiting the link.

16. Camilo Coutinho

A little outside the area of ​​expertise of most Brazilian marketers shown on this list, Camilo Coutinho's specialty is Youtube. Their channel is dedicated to commenting on the digital market, often teaching details about the area or criticizing the professionals themselves in a sour and humorous manner. His site - Play Silver - has the same focus, but more focused on teaching beginners or entrepreneurs who want to start their own channels on the video platform.

17. Conrado Adolpho

Creator of the 8Ps methodology in digital marketing, Conrado Adolpho is one of the biggest names in Brazilian marketing as a whole. His website covers all aspects of the area, but also offers advice on behavior and habit formation to achieve success. Learn more about its content and courses by visiting the link.

18. Jonathan Taioba

Jonathan Taioba has been the creator of the AdSense Secrets course and a digital professional since 2009. In his fanpage, he publishes videos and texts on digital marketing and common terms such as sales funnel, but also addressing entrepreneurship, among others.

19. Stephen Soares

Digital business consultant and social media specialist, Estêvão Soares is the creator of the Estrategi.ca website, with online courses in digital marketing. In his blog and Facebook profile, he brings texts and videos talking about the news in Brazilian and worldwide marketing as a whole.

20. Paulo Faustino

Paulo Faustino is a name that is part of not only Brazilian marketing but also worldwide marketing, Paulo Faustino was the founder of the School Money website and one of the co-creators of the Affiliates Brazil event, the largest in its field in Latin America. In his blog, he discusses details of his careers and endeavors, ranging from online courses to digital luxury watch sales, among others.

21. Leo Cabral

Founder of 8MD agency and specializing in Google AdWords, Léo Cabral was also one of the co-founders of the Search Masters Brazil event. Your business blog features digital marketing content, but it focuses on entrepreneurship and features industry-specific texts such as fitness.

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