8 tips for charging a faster Android smartphone

It is quite common to find articles with tips on how to save on battery power of smartphones, one of the major issues we have with our devices today. But something that can also bother many people is the time it takes for a cell phone to fully charge, especially if you are in a hurry or need the phone urgently.

Fortunately, there are also some good ways to solve this, as you can see in our 8 tips for charging an Android smartphone much faster than usual. Of course, you don't have to follow all the tips at once, but you can get a good feel for how to improve the situation. Check out our main suggestions below!

1. Use the right charger

We're not saying you should only use official chargers from your device manufacturer, but it's still important not to have anything to charge your battery. A good example of this is someone who plugs your smartphone's USB cable into your computer and expects it to charge you as efficiently as it does from a power outlet.

You may have noticed that the process takes much longer, and this has a very basic reason: The computer only releases half the power of a charger in the wall outlet, making charging extremely slower and ineffective. Of course this may be a more practical way for a lot of people on a daily basis, but when you want your smartphone to really charge faster, always plug it in.

2. Enable airplane mode

With airplane mode enabled, many features will automatically turn off, such as Wi-Fi, your cellular network, Bluetooth, etc. This will basically make your smartphone have fewer things to worry about and fewer resources to distribute its power, making it charge much faster.

The only problem is that you obviously won't receive calls or messages while airplane mode is on, so use it if you really need to fill your load faster than usual. A good tip is to use this feature if you are going to charge your phone while sleeping at night, as this should not hinder its use at all.

3. Switch off the appliance

If you simply don't need to use your smartphone for anything while charging, you can turn it off to make sure your charge fills up even faster. This has a more powerful effect than airplane mode as it gets rid of anything that can consume power from your device while it is charging.

Of course, this option isn't the most practical of all, but it should help at times when you're really in a hurry to fill your battery.

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4. Turn off unnecessary resources

If you can't turn off your phone or turn off your mobile network during the time you are charging it, you can at least try to turn off as many unnecessary features as possible. Functions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, and background apps are good examples that can probably be deleted without any problems.

5. Don't use your phone unnecessarily

One of the best tips we can give to make your smartphone charge faster in any situation is simply not to use it when it is plugged in. Combined with other tips, this becomes extremely efficient and your load will fill up much faster.

This is mainly because the phone will not be distributing power between different apps and the screen (which is one of the biggest load consumers) will not be constantly on.

6. Use battery saver mode

Finally, one of the most obvious tips that not everyone thinks or remembers when charging your smartphone: turn on battery saver mode. This can easily be done in your phone settings within the "Battery" options.

In this way, the device itself will make some adjustments so that there is a great saving of energy and resources during charging, reducing the time required to fill the load.

7. Do not use the device while charging

Although it sounds like a pretty obvious tip, there are many people who use their smartphone nonstop even when they are charging. Of course, this only makes reloading much slower than normal.

Therefore, we suggest that you leave the device alone when it is time to charge it. Even if you set it aside for only about 30 minutes, you will already see a big difference in your load.

8. Don't let it get too hot

It is normal for the unit to be slightly warmer when it is charging, but you should not leave it in excessive heat. This only makes loading extremely slow.

To avoid this unnecessary heat, simply do not use the appliance when it is plugged in, leave it out of the sun, and remove any protective cover that you normally use on the device. These protective covers are one of the biggest reasons for heat, as heat gets trapped in the cover and there is not enough ventilation for the device.

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