How to use more than one Facebook account on iPhone

As we well know, Facebook is the most widely used social network in the world and is constantly growing. Of course with such success, the company always tries to offer a great quality service and different options to its users. In the case of the iPhone and iPad app, for example, we have the ability to log in and switch between more than one account on the social network. This can be very useful for those with more than one profile and for people sharing the same device, which is common for iPads. If you're curious about how to use more than two Facebook accounts on iPhone and iPad, just check out our tips below!

Two Facebook / iPhone Facebook Accounts

To get started, open the official Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad and click the icon with the three horizontal lines, as highlighted in the image below.

Then look for the "Exit" option in the new window, which should be one of the last of the screen.

The app will ask if you really want to sign out as it will log you out of your account. Just press the "Exit" option again to confirm the action.

Already off your Facebook, click "Sign in to another account." Your other profile data will be saved, so you will only be adding another page to the app.

Enter the email and password of the new profile you wish to login to the application with and click "Sign In" to continue. This will allow you to sign out of Facebook anytime (in the same menu we used before) and both profiles will be available for quick access.

Still, you will always need to confirm the password, of course, in order to prevent others from using your account.

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