Top 20 iPhone and iPad Horror Games

Horror games never lose their fun, especially when you can enjoy them more closely and personally with your mobile devices. In the case of the iPhone and iPad, the App Store is full of terrifying, high-quality games full of scares.

For the top 20 horror games for your iOS devices, just check out our detailed list below!

1. Five Nights at Freddy's

You can't talk about more modern horror games without mentioning Five Nights at Freddy's, because few have achieved the success and prominence of this franchise. As always, you play as a night watchman in an old restaurant full of electronic animals that can kill you anytime if you're not careful.

Even after a few sequences, the game managed to maintain its claustrophobic atmosphere and the incredible amount of scares it has always featured. If you want a game to scare you at night, there is no better option. Download Five Nights at Freddy's from this link.

2. Forever Lost

Forever Lost is a much less well-known gaming franchise but of impressive quality. It features classic point-and-click mechanics as you explore various scenarios, such as hospitals, hospices, and even haunted mansions.

During your adventures, you will find items and puzzles that will help you escape wherever you are. As you progress, the game gets more challenging and you need to be more careful and careful when looking for clues between rooms. You can download the first Forever Lost via this link.

3. Lost Within

Despite not having the most original premise of horror games, Lost Within is still a lot of fun, tense and scary. You play as a delegate who needs to investigate an abandoned hospice to make sure there are no people there before the place is demolished.

As expected, the interior of the hospice is quite scary and full of details to make the atmosphere even more tense. The cool thing is that you can investigate everything from objects dropped on the floor to the drawers of old furniture scattered around the place. The game is very challenging and worth checking out, and you can download it from this link.

4. Year Walk

Year Walk is a bit different from the games we mentioned on this list, as it has more to offer than simple scares with predictable monsters. Its sinister narrative and clever puzzles can make anyone afraid without being so obvious.

During the game, you will control a character through a forest while solving puzzles and watch the story unfold. Since the game makes a lot more sense in person, we recommend you download it from this link and try it as soon as possible.

5. The House of Horror

Another very simple game to escape tense rooms, The House of Horror can have some funnier and more interesting elements than most. It has very traditional gameplay with puzzles and items to find, but also brings some surprises.

One of the most different aspects is the possibility of fighting evil entities found in the game's haunted mansion. There are also many secrets to be discovered, which gives the game a longer life when compared to similar titles. You can download The House of Horror at this link.

6. Forest 2

If you like Slender Man-style games, you can't help playing Forest 2. Basically, you have to escape the ghost girl you're chasing, and if she gets too close, the game is over and you have to start over. .

The game features several different chapters and some very interesting puzzles, which helps you not to get bored like other similar titles. The visuals are also very good for a mobile game and help create the perfect horror atmosphere. Download Forest 2 through this link.

7. Pope Blood

We know that sound plays one of the most important roles in horror, especially to create the right mood, but can you imagine a game that only uses that element to scare you? Papa Sangre is really different compared to other horror games, but still manages to be very effective.

With the help of realistic 3D audio, Papa Sangre is complete darkness and you need to guide yourself through a maze using only the sounds around you. This means that besides having to look for sounds of possible outputs, it is necessary to know where the monsters are to avoid them. Click here to download it and find out more!

8. Kowa Oto

Like it or not, Japanese-themed horror games always scare us very well. In this case, Kowa Oto is no different at all, and even follows the premise of audio focus like the Pope Sangre we mentioned above.

It combines 3D audio with terrifying visuals, which makes it one of the scariest titles on this list. While not as obvious as Scare Five Nights at Freddy's, you may be surprised by the tense moods of the environments and characters you encounter. Download Kowa Oto at this link.

9. The Woods

The Woods is more psychologically terrifying, putting you in a first-person perspective in a haunted forest in the best style of "The Blair Witch." As the forest itself is very open and dense, it is extremely easy for the player to feel the loneliness and vulnerability that the game goes through.

Your task is nothing less than to drive out the demons who are in such a forest, having to find the lost pages of a ritual book. Of course this is not easy with the amount of entities you will encounter along the way. You can check out the game at this link.

10. Ellie: Help Me Out Please

Unlike many games on this list, Ellie: Help Me Out Please is a completely free horror game and tells the story of a teenage girl trapped in an abandoned house. Your goal is to help her get out with the help of items scattered around the house and solving puzzles.

Besides having a very scary mood, you may be surprised by the complexity of the puzzles presented in the game, which are very captivating and challenging. You can download the game through this link.

11. Dead Runner

As the name implies, in Dead Runner you have to run nonstop and as fast as possible through a very scary forest. You will encounter a number of obstacles that intensify as you reach a greater distance, and you must dodge numerous trees that can be fatal in a collision.

The cool thing is that you can move your iPhone around obstacles to dodge, which makes the game even more fun and tense. There are two different modes you can try, one where you earn points for the distance you reach and the other for the amount of trees you divert. Download Dead Runner from this link.

12. Hysteria Project 2

Hysteria Project 2 is essentially a game that mixes a little adventure and a lot of terror, especially for bringing very realistic visuals. It uses your device's motion sensors to give you a view of everything around you.

The horror here is also far more psychological than the usual obvious scares, and you'll find quite scary characters as you have to go through challenging traps. The Hysteria Project 2 puzzles are very well developed and add to the fun of the game. You can check it all out through this link.

13. Prisoner 84

As the name implies, Prisoner 84 puts you in the place of a prisoner who needs to escape from a well-guarded and security-filled prison. You will need to avoid obstacles, fight other prisoners and solve very interesting puzzles.

These puzzles range from using items to unlock doors to having to enter different security codes on well protected ports. Although not a typical horror game, we guarantee that you'll get much more scares than you think with this game. Download it through this link.

14. NY Zombies

Of course, this list couldn't be without a classic zombie game for you to enjoy on your iPhone and iPad. In this case, NY Zombies is very similar to those old arcade shooters, like The House of the Dead, for example.

You'll have a good range of weapons to get rid of the extensive hordes of zombies that appear in each scenario. In the meantime, you still need to worry about finding and saving multiple victims scattered throughout each phase. Despite having a lot of action, NY Zombies can still be very tense, especially when dozens of zombies come toward you. Click here to download it.

15. Forgotten Memories

If you're a fan of old horror games like Sillent Hill and Forbidden Siren, you're sure to love Forgotten Memories, which seems like a true tribute to classic horror games. Their visuals are really well crafted, which helps in the overall stress climate.

You will be playing as Rose, a woman who wakes up in a strange place while looking for a missing little girl. Things get more terrifying as you uncover the story behind Rose's tragedy. Download Forgotten Memories through this link.

Besides these main games we mentioned above, there are some simpler horror games that also deserve your attention, check out:

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