Using Instagram Stories to Draw

Learning how to make Instagram sweepstakes is essential for anyone who wants to be successful with this strategy, one of the best for gaining followers and gaining Instagram likes. It's not enough to just do the giveaway, as a post only reaches a small portion of followers. This is not how the Instagram algorithm works. It's important to publicize it to reach as many users as possible. Knowing how to use Instagram Stories is essential for good publicity.

There are a few tools that can be very useful for improving your draw results. You can use Bume, a platform that allows you to program feed posts and stories. It also lets you send automatic messages to users who mention you in their own stories.

The second is a tool for making the draw itself. It is she who will define the winner, considering the criteria you set, such as number of winners, which comments are accepted, among other settings.

Want to know how to use Instagram Stories to make successful social media sweepstakes? So keep reading the next few paragraphs to get the results you want!

Step # 1: Create the giveaway post

In this article, we will not go into the details and regulations for the draw, which can be seen in this text. The first thing you need to think about is the outcome you want - increase engagement, get new followers, and more - and choose a desired product for your niche.

You must then set an end date for new entrants to enter. This is up to you. The third step is the creation of the post, which should be published in the feed. Going for content and writing an interesting caption.

Schedule the post for the date you planned. Then go to the post and copy your link to a note-taking app.

Step # 2: Set up automatic messages in Bume

Bume has several tools, as we show in this article. However, the best one to help you learn how to use Instagram Stories to make sweepstakes is not so obvious. From the Bume control panel, go to Direct Messages .

Then click the Create Campaign button;

Give your campaign a name, enable Profiles that mentioned me, and set whether it will be from now on, the last 24h, or the last 48h .

Create the message template that will be sent to each profile you mention in your own story and paste the link to your giveaway post. Click Add Message, followed by Save and Enable to configure automation.

Then comes the next-to-last step: Create a story by letting your followers know that there's a giveaway rolling on your page! Ask them to create stories in their own profiles and mention you to be part of the giveaway!

To spice things up, you can use the countdown sticker to let you know when they can sign up to participate.

Step # 3: Draw when the date comes!

Now that you've created the giveaway, learned how to use Instagram Stories to get the word out and the fateful date has come, it's time to find out who is the winner.

To do so, visit the link to use the free draw tool. Use your Insta username and primary email to proceed.

Paste the giveaway post link again and select it by clicking the Continue button .

Configure which types of comments will be valid to win and click the Raffle button to set the winner and finish learning how to use Stories to draw on Instagram!

Draw Stories with Bume!

Bume is one of the best tools for anyone who wants to manage Insta profiles and gain followers. In addition to the automatic messages you saw in this tutorial, you can schedule feed posts or stories, generate reports with metrics, and set up automatic interactions to increase your chances of getting followers.

Best of all, Bume lets you enjoy it for FREE for 5 days.


So now click on the link and sign up to start your test!

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